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daddygoIt is with joy and gladness that we want to welcome you to this year’s convention, our 62nd Annual Convention with the theme: The Holy Spirit. This theme makes the convention more than any other one the convention of the Holy Spirit Himself. Who is the Holy Spirit? There are number of ways to answer this question. However simply put, the Holy Spirit is a Divine Helper. We have always realized how much we are able to achieve if and when assisted. One can then appreciate what level of success awaits anyone who is helped by the Holy Spirit in person. This year’s convention is therefore, specifically for those who are thirsty for divine help, those who are tired of the state they ‘ve been in, those who know things can be a lot better if only help can come in their direction.

The Holy Spirit is a Divine Helper who teaches and bring all things into our remembrance (John 14:26). The reason the Christian life of many believers might have been very uninteresting and dry is because divine illumination which the Holy Spirit produces through His word is largely absent. If only we would open ourselves fully to the Holy Spirit at this convention, help will come our way and we shall go back home rejuvenated and bubbling in joy of the Holy Spirit. Dryness will become a thing of the past. Read more


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