daddygoThe Lord has preserved us to see another Convention of His church and to participate in the blessings that He alone can give . We there – fore welcome you to the convention of ‘’ The All – Sufficient God’’. This year’s theme holds lots of promises for all of us who will participate in all the proceedings and our lives will be imparted in ways we have never imagined

The All Sufficient One has enough blessings to give all His children because there is no shortage in His storehouse. He app eared to Abraham as the El Shaddai, the One who is more than enough (Gen17: 1) and He is still the same till this moment. During this Convention, He will become a testimony in the name of Jesus. The All Sufficient One rules by decrees. He commanded light where there was darkness and darkness had no option but to take its leave (Gen 1:3 ) . He commanded ravens to feed Elijah and they did not miss their way (Kings 17: 4-6 ) .

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