And God Said: “The Redeemed Christian Church of God will be all over the world”.

When God speaks, it will come to pass. In Psalm 33:9, the word of God says “God spoke it is done, He commanded and it stood fast”. Romans 4:17, “God calls the things that be not has though they were”.

God led Reverend Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi to establish a Church in 1952 and Akindayomi called the name “Egbe Ogo Oluwa” (The glory of the Lord fellowship).

And God said, the name of the Church should be “The Redeemed Christian Church Of God”. At a point, God also told Akindayomi that the Church would be in all nations of the world. In 1979, Akindayomi, the founder of RCCG, Adebayo, the current General Overseer and a few other senior pastors of RCCG were in Tulsa for a Christian Programme. The preacher stopped in front of Reverend Akindayomi that the Lord said what He promised to do for RCCG would come to pass.

That was a confirmation of the earlier promise that RCCG would be in all nations of the world. Today, RCCG is in over 197 nations of the world.

Rev. Akindayomi, born in 1908 to an idol worshipping family like Abraham, has sought God in different places – CMS Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Church, before God led him to start a bible-based fellowship at 9A Willoughby Street, Ebute Metta. Akindayomi heard God ask him to leave his pagan kindred and ancestors. Akindayomi sought the Lord with his whole heart as Uzaiah of the Bible days.

God made him and RCCG to prosper. RCCG was known for signs and wonders, for holiness and true worship; as it was then, so it is now. They were known as “Ijo Elekun”. The weeping church because the church wept as an act of worship in spirit and in truth. God confided in Akindayomi what He wanted to do; for instance, the revelation He gave him on the destiny of the Church and his successor to mention a few.

And God said He would meet RCCG when the Lord returns at His second coming. In Amos 3:7, the Bible says that God will do nothing without first telling His servants – the prophets.

God’s word of knowledge that Akindayomi’s successor would be an academician and of same height as Akindayomi also came to pass.

The day of fulfilment of the prophecy was Sunday July 29, 1973, when a young scholar, a Ph.D. student at the time Mr.Enoch Adejare Adeboye walked into RCCG Headquarters at Ebute Meeta because of some personal challenges which later became a testimony. Adeboye never knew he was walking into a total life-changing divine encounter.

Adeboye and his wife, Foluke Adenike gave their lives to Jesus, went to believer’s class, got baptized and became workers thereafter. They never looked back since then. The couple never imagined how God was going to lead them and never thought of where He was leading them to.

The journey of father and mother of a nation was initially rebuffed by their own human reasoning. They however succumbed to the will and control of God absolutely.

Humility, holiness, complete and speedy obedience are the virtues of the Most High God found in the couple that made God help them marvelously until they became strong and their fame spread all over the world. Adeboye is passionate about prayer, fasting, hard work and commitment.

God taught Adeboye the principles for growth and multiplication. These include: Holy Ghost Service, Christ the Redeemer Friends International, Missions in Africa and abroad, showing love and care to millions of people, so much so that RCCG has become a strong global church that partners with government of nations for development, progress and welfare.

The site of Redemption Camp in Dallas in the U.S.A was a fulfillment of God’s earlier promise and plan. It was donated by a total stranger.

Daddy Adeboye and Mummy Folu Adeboye love hospitality, evangelism and giving generously. They pray for Nigeria and all nations of the world. They pray for peace, righteousness, salvation and healing and God answers their prayers.

Galatians 6:7 talks about the law of harvest. Perhaps, God’s response to their seed of selfless service, devotion and love for humanity is the gift of a flourishing, robust and strong ministry. RCCG is a blessing to over 197 nations of the world. The Church is currently building the younger generation to preach, praise God and to pray.

Young preachers take the first message at the Holy Ghost Service lately.

The youth and young adults organize a global non-stop four days praise annually to mark the birthday of the General Overseer and to thank God for His faithfulness. The Event is usually a manifestation of talents and excellence.

God helps the diligent, the humble and His holy servants. To God alone be the glory.