The testimony of RCCG from ages past has been that of endorsement of all request by ‘The Living God’. From generation to generation, the story of RCCG been a manifestation of ‘Amen; manifesting endlessly with the passing of every second in each minute. Days have rolled, months, years to decade, yet never have Amen and The Amen disappointed us, thereby becoming ‘our hope for years to come’.

Although, the story of this great Church is no ‘breaking news’ to several millions of people the world over, it is important to re-echo the God of RCCG as the God of Amen. Since ‘memory is the alt of remembrance, it is expedient to re-call the astounding testimonies synonymous with this mission since her humble beginnings, some 64 years ago, at 9b, Willoughby street, Ebute-Meta, Lagos. The prayers of the little group did not go unanswered, or what else could be responsible for the overwhelming testimonies of the Ogo Oluwa group, whose founder hailed and idol-worshipping ancestry; whose sojourn into Christianity has its root in the cherubim & Seraphim Church? How else could this seven member group, which fellowshipped, prayed and praised God become the multi-million member Redeemed Christian Church of God? This feat is only attainable by Amen, which only the Living God can gavel. This is the prayer-answering God; the God who promised to make Abraham’s seed innumerable as the sand of the sea. The password to RCCG success has been absolute obedience – the watchword of Pa Josiah Akindayomi (Born 1909) and his worthy successor
Recounting the testimony of RCCG in her growing up years, the first church building which was erected in the place where it was birthed, but was marked for demolition by the Lagos Town Council, because there was no mandatory 100 yards allowance for a drainage channel. However, Rev. Akindayomi, then the General Superintendent of the Church decreed that it would only happen except if the Almighty God has not called and sent him on His assignment. He thereafter assembled the Church-Workers in front of the Church and asked them to shout Halleluyah, Amen!. This they did seven times, and were further instructed to go home rejoicing. The next day, an astounding thing happened! The Church auditorium had moved back on its own by 100 yards required. Who else could have done this feat but Jesus, our Amen?

In furtherance of the recollection of some RCCG members I the ‘50s’ and 60’s, who mostly at this times re retired Pastors of the Mission; Amen was and is their sufficiency still. In fact, their dependence was God of RCCG, The Almighty God, The Amen, who always responded to their financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs by providing exceedingly, abundantly beyond their requests, imagination and needs

They further state that Pa Akindayomi often admonished them to look up to God alone, for their provisions and not to any man. And so it was that Amen never disappointed them. One of such testifiers, Pa Abiona, says that “I am 91 years old, I am in good health; hale and hearty. This is a proof that Amen is our source and helper

The founder Akindayomi demonstrated this exemplary in marriage restitution. When he discovered that it was not scriptural to have more than one wife, he persuaded his two junior wives to leave, leaving only the first, Rev. (Mrs.) Esther Egbedire Akindayomi as the only one he stayed married to, till death

However, the most resounding Amen for RCCG was that brilliant day in 1973, when the young scholar. Enoch Adeboye (Born, March 2, 1942) then a 31 years old lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Lagos, walked into RCCG to get help to a spiritual problem. Little did he know that he was hearkening to divine call; walking into his destiny; a destiny to lead millions to Amen, while declaring the kingdom of God on earth, on that day, neither did he know that his ambition to be the youngest Vice-Chancellor in Africa was not the mind of God for him.

Pa Akindayomi went to be with the Lord in November 1980. Pastor Adeboye has been God’s choice as successor. This revelation was in tape recording before the founder’s passing. Pastor Adeboye took over the leadership of the Church from 40 parishes in Nigeria to several thousand parishes spread across over 190 countries of the world.

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