Dearly beloved in Christ,
We welcome you with great joy and great expectation. All of God’s promises shall be fully released upon your life in Jesus’ name.

Our theme this year is, ‘AND GOD SAID…’  In genesis 1:3, the first thing God said was, “LET THERE BE LIGHT” and there was light.  His word is powerful enough to sustain the entire universe. He has also spoken concerning you that you are the LIGHT of the world- Matt 5:1. God’s intention for you to be as pure as light, untainted, unblemished and for the light to floe forth in you as the fountain of life. Arise and shine.
Every time God speaks, it is a declaration of his will, power and purpose concerning the situation. He always says what he means and means what he says. He is never ambiguous or deceptive. You can bet on every word from him. Jesus is dependable and will not lie nor deceive.
Therefore, every word of God spoken to you or which read from the scriptures is infallible, it cannot be stopped, it cannot be hindered, and it cannot be broken.
Whenever God wants to do something in a man’s life, He speaks it fort even when it may seem impossible: Abraham. Samuel, Isaiah, Paul, your very good self as well. Please pay attention to every word and receive by faith the Word of Life. Once God speaks it is established, but you have to be fully convinced that it will come to pass for you. We therefore strongly encourage you to believe the word, speak the word in every situation. Do not allow past mistakes, fear and doubts to block the performance of God’s word in your life.
We pray that during this convention, the lord will visit you to open your ears, your eyes, and flood your heart with understanding so that you will begin to hear Him clearly. Henceforth you will manifest light, shine forth and become an indomitable soul winner producing lasting fruit, so that whatever you ask the Father in Jesus name shall be granted unto you.

Welcome to a life of power, grace and glory on a higher dimension from now on.

Happy convention, Ambassadors of Christ!

PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE                                                            

General Overseer.